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We’ve been working hard on improving the Member Experience at the Wyoming Antelope Club over the past few months and that work is starting to come to fruition. For you, the Club Member, the biggest change you’ll notice is this new website. Aside from a generally more pleasing visual experience, we’ve tried to organize the disciplines and general information in an easier to navigate format. Also, you will note that this new website works great on your Smartphone and you can access all your Members Profile from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone with little effort once you’ve set up your login information. If you prefer to use a Smartphone, you will notice a slightly different ‘look’, rest assured, you are still on the new WAC website; it is configured using advanced mobile code that will eliminate many pictures to make your online Mobile/Smartphone experience more efficient.

If you manage a discipline and would like your information updated and/or scores posted, please send them directly to Dan Price at and he’ll ensure it gets to the correct person and updated in a timely manner.

We’ve made some important changes and would like to take a few minutes and review what’s new and more importantly, how it will affect you moving forward:

  1. Membership
    1. The new site integrates our membership into a fully automated system that you, the member, can access and control.
    2. If you were a WAC member on or before March 2018, we’ve already created a record for you in the new website. To access your account online, you’ll need to Log In using your Email and establish a new Password (we were able to export most records NOT Passwords!).
      1. PLEASE NOTE: Not all memberships have valid and/or Current Email address – we used the last/best available record we had on file. Please visit the new website and click on the ‘Members’, ‘Sign In’ link. There, you will see a link to reset your password with your current Email.
      2. If you enter in your Email and you get a message that states: ‘No Record Exists’, that simply means that we do not have your current Email address attached to your records.
  1. The new website features automated billing; renewals; an online store; and you can even pre-pay your daily range fee directly from the website. Once you’ve made the purchase online, you have the option of ‘Printing’ your receipt or simply showing it using your Smart Phone to a Range Officer during the check-in procedure
  2. If you have an Associate Member attached to your membership, they now have their own dedicated account. They will also need to contact Dan to get their Email straightened out so they can access their account.
  1. Advanced Security
    1. This new website employs a 512-bit encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure the highest level of online security.
    2. In addition, our online payment system deploys even more advanced online security given that they are handling your payments and storing your credit cards on their servers.
    3. This all makes it easier to handle transactions, member billing & renewals, and if you wish, paying for daily shoot fees and soon, registering and paying in advance for special shooting events/matches.
  2. Membership Cards
    1. Our new system enables you to upload a picture of yourself and print your own membership card (complete with your beautiful picture)
    2. This facilitates entry to the public lines as the new cards also clearly detail your membership status and expiry date
    3. You can upload a picture when you set up or renew your membership account; we'll also help you accomplish this task - simply Email your picture to and be sure to include your name and/or your membership number on the Email and we'll get you updated
  3. Renewals
    1. Renewals can now be handled online, simply select the Membership Renewal option and select how you wish to pay – this is a fully automated system designed to give you greater control over your membership
    2. As a Full Member, you can ‘Assign/Designate’ an Associate Membership to your Spouse/Partner/Significant Other
      1. There is no cost for Associate Members, but they must go to the website and complete the online registration.
      2. Please note: EVERY member has their own, unique members page, regardless of membership level
  • Only Full Members are Voting Members
  1. New Members
    1. If you know someone who may want to join the club, encourage them to visit the website and purchase a full membership directly online. Again, this is a fully automated system and they can complete the application, upload their picture, pay for their membership and Print their new card all online.
    2. New Members can also designate an Associate Membership at the time of registration and they can then go online and complete their Associate Membership Registration
  2. Online Member Communications
    1. Our new system affords us with a unique opportunity to ‘Communicate’ with you, our members via Email.
    2. You will soon start receiving Monthly Club Updates as well as other important Club News and Member Surveys direct to your Email In-box
    3. The monthly Club Updates will also feature a link to the latest Straight Shooter Newsletter
  3. Privacy
    1. We will never SELL, SHARE and/or DISTRIBUTE your personal information (including your Email Address with any 3rd party). 
    2. We need your Email Address; this is required to accomplish 2 important things:
      1. Give you access to the new website (and control over your account), and,
      2. Communicate more efficiently with the members
    3. As with all things online, we place a very high premium on our Members Privacy and are not inclined to deviate from this Privacy policy or our Pledge to Protect Your Privacy

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We are the largest Public Shooting Range in Pinellas County hosting many different activities for every age and interest. Browse our website to find the discipline that fits your interest, then come out to see us.