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Membership to the Wyoming Antelope Club

The Wyoming Antelope Club is a private, family oriented shooting range. Membership is available to the general public as follows:

  1. A Full Member (1 per family) is granted full access of the range(s) and has 1 vote
  2. The current Daily Fee for Public Line use is: $3.00 per day
  3. Full Members can add ASSOCIATE Members (Family, Partner, significant other, etc.)
  4. If you are adding an Associate Member to your account, please enter in the NAME, and UNIQUE Email in the area provided during the CHECKOUT PROCESS
  5. Minors (under the age of 18 may shoot for free when accompanied by an Adult

We have developed an Automated Membership System that uses Secured Cloud Based technology to help you manage your membership. You can purchase your membership directly from this website by using your Credit Card. You can also upload a picture of yourself and download and print a Membership Card for immediate use once you have completed the registration process. We strongly recommend that you visit the Membership Page and review Your Account and set your password. Your current Email will serve as your User Name.

You will receive an Email confirmation and Receipt upon completing the Registration Process. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please Contact Us.  Membership is available as a Yearly or Quarterly recurring subscription with a one-time initiation fee, (currently $70.00); please make your selection below. Please Note: Quarterly Payments are for ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY



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Action Cowboy

Put on your cowboy hat and come join the fun! We shoot the second Saturday of every month @ 9:00 AM (sign up opens @ 8:30AM). If you are new to action shooting you will work with one of our range officers until you feel comfortable then jump in and start shooting some stages. You may hear things like YEE Ha or boy howdy so get ready to have some fun! Learn More . . . 

Tuesday Night 3D Competition Shoot / Recreational Target Practice Set up & Safety Brief – 5:30pm to 6:00pm Shoot – 6:00pm to 7:30pm Clean up – 7:30pm – until complete 3D Competition Shoot – Consists of 10 targets 3 arrows per target Traditional/Youth/Senior – Targets out to 25 yards Hunter . . . Learn More
USPSA | IDPA | Action Steel Challenge

USPSA & IDPA are the largest competitive action pistol organizations in the U.S. The WAC is very active in these sports and hosts several matches every month to fill your need for speed. New to Action Shooting? Try our new shooter introduction on the 2nd Saturday of the month . . . Learn More


Fun Shoot Public Line Bring Your Own Gun & Ammo Fun Shoot 

New Gun? Practiced recently? Time to have some fun. If you’ve never shot a gun before & want to try some out, there will be a selection of both revolver & semi-automatic for you to try, small caliber to lift your toes off the ground. Bring your eye & ear protection if you have it or we’ve got some extra’s available in the range shack. Targets provided.

Learn More . . . 

Black Powder

Come join the Wyoming Antelope Club black powder shooters for fun, competition and a chance to learn more about this entertaining and challenging discipline. We meet the 4th Sunday  at 8:30 AM on the Bullseye Range. We have a 30 minute session prior to the start of our matches to practice, Learn More . . . 

Bullseye | Precision Pistol Shooting

“Bullseye,” also called “precision pistol shooting,” is the traditional one-handed pistol program that has been in effect since the 1940s In order to shoot well, shooters must exercise excellent “sight alignment” and “trigger control,” both at the same time! Trigger control is important because the gun is held in one . . . Learn More

Cowboy Fast Draw

Challenge your friend (or better yet, your enemy) to a showdown, with real six-guns and wax bullets on electronically timed targets. If you ever felt like trying your hand at fast drawing a real six-gun feel free to come and  . . . Learn More

High Power Competition

At the Wyoming Antelope Club we offer various types of 100 yard High power rifle competition matches. They range from fun shoots to NRA Approved events for the very serious competitor. The High Power Program consists of 6 different matches NRA XTC High power rifle Any rifle/Any sight Sporter rifle . . . Learn More